Ah, it’s the weekends and I’m aching to do something just to keep myself entertained, maybe get a few calories out, relax my mind, and do some stress-busting.
It has been a while since I’ve tried something new, and the heck with some free time before the next work day starts, I’m guessing starting something my friend suggested wouldn’t hurt. So I took out my mobile, did my research, set-up my garage and tools – and surprisingly, before I knew it, I was addicted to this new thing called Woodworking!

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Just what is this “woodworking” you speak of?
Woodworking as properly named is literally anything that has to do with working on wood. Things like carving wood sculptures, making wooden furniture or cabinets, fixing wooden roof or floors, and even creating a classical wooden carriage (if that’s your thing) are examples of woodwork.
As early as before writing was invented and before history could trace anything – woodworking was claimed to have already been invented and applied. The man has made use of wood, an abundant resource material provided by nature, to the best of its usefulness, from tools to shelter to vehicles and even for aesthetic and decorative purposes!

There are multiple reasons for you to try it!Woodworking

•    Woodworking can help you with repairs around the house
•    It may be income-generating
•    It will help relieve stress by taking your mind off your worries
•    It helps you get some much-needed exercise
•    develops your artistic side and boosts your imagination
•    improves hand-eye coordination, sharpens skills, and strengthens your body
•    Is fun and exciting
•    can improve you home decors and look
•    can give you what you specifically need
•    may be a cheaper alternative to things bought in the store
•    Is impressive and you can boast about it to your friends and family! (Okay this last part is just about me, but that’s why I love it so much!)

Woodworking is diverse and covers a lot of things! I have never regretted trying it, and I suggest the same to you! Credit: Miter Saw Corner

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