Boxes used by all kinds of long distance movers

Let’s move!
Long distance moving can prove a hassle ifLong Distance Move you do it yourself. Even with a help from a friend, you will still face the challenge of packing and putting into place all of your belongings. Sure some of your furniture may be able to handle a long trip from Johannesburg to East London, but are you sure the fragile (and sometimes expensive) others face the stress, too?

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Handling your stuff, especially the valuables
Proper packaging is the key to a successful moving trip. A trick mastered by all moving companies to keep everything in place, secure and protected to ensure safety all throughout a long and bumpy ride. Even a 13-hour drive from Polokwane to Port Elizabeth won’t pose a problem if movers handle the boxing well.

Boxes are a mover’s best friend
Nope, neither the underwear nor the sportsmen, though it does sound funny when we say it, boxers are indeed a mover’s best friend. Companies love that customizable cardboard box to the point that their smell accompanies moving company employees!
Cardboard boxes are what they rely upon to package stuff to be moved. Did you know there are different kinds of boxes for every kind of object to be moved? Check out the kinds of boxes used by almost all kinds of moving company that exists:

Kinds of boxes
• Bookworm or Book Box – This is the smallest of the boxes, but don’t underestimate its size! These are often used to carry heavy books and small belongings. Popularized by being able to carry a bookshelf’s worth of books hence the name.
• Multi-Purpose or All-Purpose box – Slightly larger than the bookworm, the Multipurpose box is used to store all kinds of medium-sized objects, such as toys, appliances, small furniture, etc.
• Large box – For the big guns. We have the big boxes! Large boxes can carry stuff like refrigerators and washing machines.
• Custom boxes – These usually are made to suit a certain type of object to be moved that won’t fit in either of the boxes.
• Wardrobe box – A box with a pole for hangers! This assures clothes or curtains remain prim and proper after the journey! Credit: Active Transport Removals