Having trouble with kayaking? Try the sit on top kayak seats!

There’s this new trend for beginners and veterans alike when going out kayaking! Sure some hardcore and old-school extremists prefer a traditional kayak for their adventures, but when you’re that modern kayaker that wants a cool and comfortable experience, then the sit on top kayak seats are for you!

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What’s a sit on top kayak?
This variation of a kayak removes the need for you to insert half of your body inside the vessel. When it was once required you only expose your upper body while the rest is cramped inside the kayak, with a sit on top kayak seat, you can ride your boat minus the uncomfortable hassle!
Imagine a kayak that has no hole, and instead, the seat is modified so it doesn’t cover anything, providing more leg room and adding space for everything else.

Why was it developed?
•    There was a need to adjust to demands of creating kayaks for people with larger body sizes as the traditional sit-inside kayaks cannot accommodate these kinds of builds. Hence, the need for a kayak without much restriction was called for.sit on top kayak
•    It also poses a much safer design. A traditional kayak needed special training to get out of and was dangerously hard to escape when it turns over and leaves the person underwater. With higher mobility and a better mechanism for getting out during emergencies, this solved quite a lot of problems. This also favors beginners and is easier to manipulate.
•    Comfort was a bit of a competition. Whether people wanted a relaxing ride or an exciting one, the seat was an issue as it needed proper support and comfort. Using sit on top kayaks proved to be favored as with the customizable seats, more room, and safer design increased satisfaction tremendously.
•    They also discovered that this particular work of a kayak needed fewer materials and was inexpensive to manufacture compared to the other kind of kayak.
If you find that traditional kayaks give you a hard time, then trying out a sit on top kayak might make you feel better! We also suggest using one if you’re a first timer!